Training Pavilion

TCT 2023 will feature two (2) Training Pavilions and 24 dynamic, hands-on interactive learning workshops designed to equip clinicians and members of the heart team with high-quality, hands-on training and practical, interactive education. In partnership with CRF, supporters will participate in workshops focused on showcasing techniques, case-reviews, and devices.

Training Pavilion Application

Application Fee (for two back-to-back workshops): $100,000

The Training Pavilions at TCT 2023 give industry the opportunity to conduct 90-minute training workshops in one of two Training Pavilions. These workshops will take place in-person from Tuesday, October 24 to Thursday, October 26 and can accommodate up to 40 attendees.

For more information about Training Pavilions, please contact:

Penny Tsougas
Senior Project Manager, Medical Education & Training
Industry Relations
Tel: 646-434-4509
[email protected]

Tiffany Hernandez
Project Manager, Medical Education & Training
Industry Relations
Tel: 646-434-4388
[email protected]

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